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Bompa - Donald R. Foreman
Bompa – Donald R. Foreman

Chapter 4.0
For Chapter 4.0 the site was wiped clean and restarted. The old collection is in the process of being reformatted into e-pubs and I started adding some of my favorite lesson plans.

The Story
In 2006 I decided to build a digital library of classic literature in memory of someone that inspired me to teach. I named the website after my grandfather (Bompa) who had recently passed away after a long career in education where he served as teacher, coach, guidance counselor, administrator, and board member. I was in my senior year of graduate school studying to become an English teacher and thought it would be a great way to honor Bompa and helpful as well to have a collection of free public domain works to use in my classroom. It was an after thought that others might find this useful as well. Only recently I started adding my favorite lessons plans and teaching techniques.

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