Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) Argument Essay

Your task:

  • Read articles on GMOs.
  • Write a well developed argument essay.
  • Prove your argument by including strong, specific evidence from at least THREE articles. Include in-text citations.
  • Strengthen your argument by refuting opposing claims.

Before we begin it is important that we understand what GMOs are. What are GMOs?

  • Watch a clip from GMO OMG
    There is a great animation describing how genetically modified corn and soy work.
  • Read Alisa Blackwood’s article GMOs 101
    (Ask your librarian if you have access to EBSCO.)

Essay Topic 1
Should GMOs be labeled?

Essay Topic 2
Should food be genetically modified?

Supplemental Resources

Disclaimer! I still don’t know how I feel about the topic. I have attempted to create a balanced discussion on the subject. Your input is much appreciated.

Teachers! If your class finds a broken link or you know of a great article to include on this page, please share below.

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